Josephine Nkechi Mordi

  • Born: January 13, 1940
  • Died: June 7, 2013
  • Location: Woodbridge, Virginia

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Tribute & Message From The Family

JOSEPHINE NKECHI MORDI, age 73, of Woodbridge, Virginia passed away Friday, June 7, 2013 at Sentara Northern Virginia Medical Center.

She was born January 13, 1940 in Nigeria the daughter of the late Mathias E. and Maria N. Chukwuma. She was the widow of Joseph Mordi.

She is survived by her nine children: Chris Mordi, Antonia Akwule, Fran Mordi Nwobodo, Eudora Mordi Ozigbu, Jude Mordi, Uche Mordi Nikoro, Ifeoma Mordi, Ofunne Odogwu and Uju Mordi Nwanze; Fran Fajana and Jackie Mordi; five siblings: Tom Chukwuma, Teresa Oduah, Nkiru Chukwuma, Mode Chukwuma Micheal Chukwuma; and 23 grandchildren.

Christian wake keeping will be held in Virginia on July 6, 2013 and funeral mass will be held on August 16th, followed by interment at her home town, Asaba, Delta State, Nigeria.

Antonia Akwule (703 409 0916) – for the family

Condolence & Memory Journal

I miss you like every other day Mummy. You hold a very strong place in my heart. I cried endlessly when you died but I promise, I won't let the tears mar the smiles that you've given me when you were alive. I know you are listening from above. All my aunties never stopped taking care of me. They are taking care of me like you've always did Mum. I know your still watching over me. Thank you so much. I'll keep being strong. Like you use to say to me Awele Jisike o... Continue to rest in the Lord's bosom. I love you ❤❤❤

Posted by Awele Natasha - California, CA   June 06, 2021

I love you Mummy. You're always in my heart. Your strength in me keeps me going. I will never forget all your words to me. Rest Well Mummy ♥♥♥

Posted by Awele Natasha - Washington, DC - Daughter   June 08, 2020

Grandma! I miss you so so much. No one has been able to rival your rice and stew to this day, I still remember how we'd come every Sunday to the house and could not wait to have your special rice and stew. I cannot believe it has been 7 years since we lost you but not a day goes by where we don't remember you. Rest well in the bosom of Our Lord I love you so much❤

Posted by Adiba Odogwu - London - Grandchild   June 07, 2020

The matriarch of a formidable home. Your legacy lives through your children and the exceptional touch of motherhood you imbued in them all. I admired your loyalty and commitment to my father-in-law and your dotting compassion and care over each and every one of your children. A tear or two every now and then from my wife in memory of you reminds me of how vivid your loss is and that you are forever missed. I still feel the warmth of your glow, your kindness and thoughtfulness. You are loved always. Rest In Peace my mother-in-law.

Posted by Kenny Odogwu - New York, NY - Family   June 06, 2020

Madre, Kechus baby my very own Ofunne di iche, everyone says their mother is the best and true for everyone who has a good mother but you were truly the best. Loving, kind, generous, thoughtful, peaceful (almost to a fault ♀) a virtue I strive to achieve everyday of my life and will continue to emulate, I was just reading my previous messages here and see how every year I tell you how not a day goes by without thinking of you and so the fact still remains that my mama I still miss you and it feels like it was only yesterday you were taken from us. Your smile, your voice oh how I long to hear it again calling me Ofu mama. But I know you are resting with our Chi and your Jo Modaiy. We are getting on, your children are all doing well as are your grand children, Ify got married last year, Morenike was meant to be on the 25th of July but Covid-19 happened. But she will be wed before the year ends, by His grace. I just wanted to update you on the goings on of the loved ones you left behind. Continue to rest in the bosom of Our dear Lord and father God. I miss my mama, till we meet to part no more, I love you more than words can describe. Forever in my heart ❤

Posted by Jayne Odogwu - London - Daughter   June 06, 2020

Mummy it has been 5 years since you left us, not a day has gone by in those years that I have not thought about you, tried to recall the sound of your voice, your laughter and your special eye' (chuckle), you know what I mean. I miss you so much. The children you left behind are all well and good, we continue to carry on your legacy of peace. We check in on each other and our mantra has become yaliba'. Your gran children are all doing really well and guess what Ify is getting married. Oh how I wish you could have been here to witness this one mum, it will not be the same without you. Greet daddy for me, I miss him too. Tell him his German is still very much a German. Till we meet to part no more, rest in perfect peace mother of my heart, I love you more than words can describe.

Posted by Ofunne Odogwu - Manassas, VA - Daughter   June 07, 2018

Nkechi....Onye ki ikpo Nkechi. Odika muna gi abulugo ogbo. Well I can't stop calling your name cos you left me with my own Nkechi..Kpakpandom. No one can ask for a better mother-in-law. You were the best and I will continue to miss and remember you ALWAYS. I know that you are keeping a watch over us and we pray for the repose of your soul. May your gentle soul continue to rest in peace

Posted by Okey Nwobodo - Manassas, VA   June 09, 2017

Mummy, I can't believe it's been 4 years. Still miss you so so much....every single day! I really hope you are at peace...beautiful soul you are.

Posted by Fran Mordi - Manassas, VA - Daughter   June 09, 2017

Nne Oma!! Rest well!! You raised beautiful children who have produced fine young men and women whom you will be proud to call your grandchildren. We miss you so so much!!! Each day we find the strength to carry on. Thank you for all you did for us. You and daddy!! Only in Christ is your mind at peace in him you find your rest. Rest well!!!

Posted by Antonia Adanne Akwule - Woodbridge, VA - Daughter   June 08, 2017

Whew, four years already? It feels like just yesterday given you're still a very real presence in my life. Your last words to me live on and daily I work to be the Ada you raised me to be. I'm sorry that we didn't have enough time on earth for you to see the woman I've become. I just hope I make you proud. Love you always.

Posted by Anuchi Akwule - Hayward, CA - Grandchild   June 08, 2017

Mummy, I still can't believe you're gone. You always tell me "Awele I want you to do well in everything". See me now, I have graduated and now I am serving. All of this happened because of you. You taught me to have faith in myself. And I have been representing well everywhere I go. You even wanted me to represent Nigeria in football but, you wanted me to go to school first. Thank you Mummy for where I am today. I give you my salute as a Corper and I wear a ribbon for you my HERO, My Sweet Mama... Rest well Mummy . I love you but God loves you more...

Posted by Awele Nwanze - Lagos, CA - Daughter   June 08, 2017

Dear Grandma,
I miss you so much. You have influenced me so much in terms of my work ethic, personality, and faith. You may be gone but you will NEVER be forgotten. I hope you are resting well in heaven right now. I love you so much!

Posted by Preston Akwule - Family   June 07, 2017

We love and miss you, Grandma. Thank you for all of the unconditional love you showed us during your life and thank you for watching over us now from above ❤. You will always be missed, but I'm very happy to know you're resting in paradise. Until we meet again, I love you!!!

Posted by Iffy Akwule - Grandchild   June 07, 2017


Not a day goes by that I don't think about you! You are most definitely my guardian angel. 4 years has seemed like a lifetime without you. We love and miss you so so much.

Posted by Didi Nwobodo - Las Vegas, NV - Family   June 07, 2017

Kechus baby my shining star, my 'road' model you are sorely missed. You left a void with your departure from my life, I can only take solace in the fact that I was a good daughter to you wink wink. You're picture hangs over my bed and I look at you every night and every morning when I wake up. Since your departure four years ago today, not a day has gone by that I do not think about you. I can still hear your voice looking for your 'loose' and 'bulk' you know what I mean. Continue to rest in the bosom of Our Lord, till we meet to part no more, your daughter Ofunne di iche truly, there is none like you mama dearest ❤

Posted by Ofunne Odogwu - London - Daughter   June 07, 2017

I miss you everyday and I love you everyday

Posted by Ify Mordi - Lagos - Daughter   June 07, 2017

Hmm!! Mummie it's been 4 long years. Awele has graduated from Uniben she's now doing her youth service. Wish you were here to see her graduate. The work you started in her lives on. Your house is still standing and has been renovated. You will be very happy and proud. All is well. Continue to rest in the Peace of Christ until that day when we behold your glorious face again. Rest in perfect peace Mummie dearest. Nkechi ezigbo Nne

Posted by Antonia Akwule - Woodbridge, VA - Daughter   June 07, 2017

Hey Aunty!
It's 2yrs tomorrow 7th ofJune. We all miss ya like hell especially mum.May your soul continue to RIP.
We all love you.

Posted by Onyebuchi Ume - kent - Aunty   June 06, 2015


Aunty Nkechi,

7th June 2013! What a was! Its a year today.
You're so missed.......especially by Mum.
May your gentle soul continue to Rest in Peace...........Amen

Posted by Ume - United Kingdom - Aunty   June 07, 2014

I remember how you loved your mum so much.To live in our hearts is not to die. Mama Antonia RIP

Posted by olubunmi (Obadare ) akinbode - manchester - Former school mate of Tonia.   January 26, 2014


Fran's mom, may your gentle soul rest in the perfect peace that only our risen Lord gives. May the good Lord also endow the family you left behind the serenity to bear this loss.

Posted by Franca Onunkwo - Fran's friend   July 06, 2013

My dear Aunty Nkechi....I still cannot believe you are gone. I remember how you always called me 'Atinga Warmer' anytime you saw me. You will be greatly missed. Though gone but you will never be forgotten. Rest in peace!!

Posted by Awele Anyia - London - My Aunty   July 06, 2013

My condolences to you and your family. May her soul rest in perfect peace. Amen!

Posted by Kay - Bowie, MD - Friend   July 05, 2013


To God be the glory. Mama has fought a good fight and finished the race. Weep not. She has gone to be with her Lord and savior "The mighty Jesus". May her gentle soul rest in perfect peace, amen. Everybody shout Hallelujah!!!!!!

Posted by Jide Otuyelu, Esq. - Friend of Antonia   July 04, 2013


Posted by amechie obu - atlanta, GA - family friend   July 04, 2013


Mum is a precious gift from God, she helps us build up our lives and she returns on God's call.
May she rest in Peace. Amen

Posted by Maryann Nonye Osukah - Fran's friend   July 04, 2013

My thoughts and prayers are with the Mordi family at this difficult time. May her soul rest in perfect peace.

Posted by Muhammed - Washington, DC - Friend   July 03, 2013

Franny's mum. Goodnight. RIP

Posted by Judy Kunu - Ibadan - Fran's friend   July 03, 2013


You are the most beautiful person that I've ever known, and I still can't believe that you are gone. I remember when we were younger, the way we feared you because you never spared the rod, or the slaps, with us. As I got older, though, you became more like a friend to me, and it amazed me how I could talk to you about any and everything despite the generational gap between us. You have taught me what unconditional love is, and you gave me one of the most precious gifts--the gift of faith. I thank you for that, because it is only that gift that will help us to get over your passing.

I pray you are resting in peace, finally pain free, with grandpa. I love you grandma.

Posted by Iffy Akwule - Burke, VA - Granddaughter   July 03, 2013

Mama we loved you but God loves you you more. I am privileged to have known and shared a part of your life with your loved ones. You are such a wonderful and God fearing person. Even in your difficult times, you never lost the passion to share your wonderful life as a true practicing Christian. You have lived an exemplary life as a true Christian and I know you are rested in the bossom of The Lord. May God give the ones you left behind the strength and fortitude to bear your loss. Sleep well Mama.

Posted by Emeka Okafor - Woodbridge, VA   July 02, 2013


May her precious soul rest in peace.

Posted by Patricia Ajuchi - Family friend   July 01, 2013


May her soul rest in peace.
May God give you all the strength and fortitude to bear this great loss.

Posted by Ivy    June 30, 2013

Mama, although it has been so long we've seen. But l do remember ur ever so charming beauty with simplity & grace. May u rest in Perfect Peace & May the good Lord Comfort your loved ones you left behind, Amen

Posted by Vivian (Tonito) Ofulue - Lagos - Family friend   June 29, 2013

Aunty Josie, my memories of you go way back to Home Science, may your gentle soul rest in perfect peace.

Posted by Chika - Riverdale, GA - Family friend   June 29, 2013


Mother you are the kindest person on earth. You will always be with me.I have peace, knowing that you are in a better place.

Posted by uche - aughter   June 29, 2013

May God grant Mama eternal rest; and to her family the fortitude to bear this irreparable loss!

Posted by Olivia Chizoba Obasi - Upper Marlboro, MD - Friend   June 28, 2013


Mama was indeed an accomplished woman. May her gentle soul rest in perfect peace, and may God grant her family the strength they need during this difficult time. Amen.

Posted by Hilda Dunkwu - Friend   June 28, 2013


Mumsie was a very warm and gentle person. Her's was a home in which you were always welcome with her ever present smile. My fondest memories were in Fran's place in 2007. I had come in for Jordan's christening. I had an accident months earlier and she was just so concered about my well-being. We spent time jisting and laughing in the kitchen. The house was so full and we had such fun. I was sad to to hear when she took ill. Bad things should not happen to such good people. But God has spared you pain. God bless you and I know that you rest in HIS loving arms.

Posted by Tuokpe Etikerentse - Fran's Friend   June 27, 2013


My Darling Auntie Nkechi,

You always referred to me as "Marianne my Daughter" never as Marianne....You were loved, appreciated and cherished in life and the love you left behind will always remain.

You will be sorely missed. We love you but the almighty one loves you even more.

Love Always
Marianne Olinmah
London 26th June 2013

Posted by marianne olinmah - my auntie   June 26, 2013

May you continue to rest in were a woman of peace.

Posted by Nnenna Aninye - Woodbridge, VA - Aunty   June 25, 2013


RIP Franny's mum

Posted by Irobosa - Family friend   June 25, 2013

Mom you are loved, you are revered, you are cherished.
You will be missed. I love always and forever.

Posted by Eudora Mordi - las vegas, NV - daughter   June 25, 2013


you are loved, in life and in death

Posted by uju - daughter   June 25, 2013

Mummy, I haven't stopped crying since that day you left us. Every night I see you I feel you, that is how I know you go on. So go rest high up on that mountain and in the arms of the angels may you find sweet comfort and res. Give my love to daddy! Tell him its only been two years since he passed and now you.

I hope you recognize each other.

Posted by antonia akwule - Woodbridge, VA - daughter   June 25, 2013

Aunty......without a doubt,U will be greatly missed.I know somehow the good Lord will always be with your loved ones. Aunty do RIP

Posted by Buchi Ume - My Aunty   June 24, 2013